The Greatest Gift of All, Doesn’t cost a dime, It’s your gift of time

Many children have already circled their list of Christmas wishes in the catalogues and parents have rushed to get their every desire. We overspend but justify it because it’s a special time of year and a special person in our life.

There are other children, some on the same street or in the same neighbourhood, who won’t have a tree decorated with gifts underneath it. I remember one year when my daughter was about 5 I was having a very hard time. I prayed that somehow a miracle would happen that I would be able to provide her with some sort of Christmas. My prayers were answered even though I never spoke them outloud. Some friends one night showed up at my door with a tree and trimmings and gifts. It truly was like Christmas. That was more than 12 years ago and those dear friends though we live in different areas of the country now are always close to my heart, especially at this time of year.

There are thousands of children who didn’t write a list this year, because they know that no gifts are expected at their house. They are more worried about what they will eat for breakfast or dinner than about the newest toys or nicest clothes. There are parents crying themselves to sleep at night because they don’t know how they are going to feed their families this month let alone celebrate a holiday (whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or another).

While we all sing caroles and drink egg nog there will be individuals so distraught and depressed and overwhelmed that they consider or do take their own life. The greatest gift they could get is a gift of time. A gift of someone showing they are important and worth it. Someone to invest their love, confidence and time in them.

I am spending any spare time in December running the Street Outreach program, and giving my time to Homeless Shelters and a local soup kitchen. I have donated items on their wish lists and because I don’t have a lot of money I am giving more time than money. But time is what will truly make a difference. So as you go about your December traditions why not add a new one, volunteer with youth or families in poverty, help at shelters or food banks, or just seek out a friend or neighbour who could use a gift of love. One small thing you could do is share the above video on twitter, facebook, emails, etc to try and help some youth who could use our love and support. you will find that will be the greatest gift you will give and you will feel the best you ever have in giving it.

May we all remember to share our blessings and our love spreading peace and goodwill,,, after all that is the true meaning of the season before the stores kidnapped the holiday…it is time we took it back and remembered that Love and Time are the greatest most precious gift of all.

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