Freezing Cold, Alone and No Home

I have had pneumonia for about 10 days now. The doctor gave me antibiotics and told me to stay in bed. My parents stopped in to bring me juice and soup, friends brought vaporizers and meals and warm fuzzy socks for my feet. I have been drinking warm herbal tea and snuggled under my blankets with my kittycat Chaos… I am truly blessed.

There are many people I know, who are living on the streets. Many of them are sick right now too. But they don’t have a space heater to heat their room, they don’t have a room. There is no kettle to plug in for a hot tea and no bed to let their body rest while they recuperate. There is no one bringing them juice or tea….because I am a whimp hiding in my bed til I get better. I wish that people could understand what it is like for people on the street. How scary it is at 3 am when you are so cold your entire body shivers, you never know if you are going to be safe. You are alone and cold and hungry. I wish I had money to do more, I live pay check to pay check and any extra money I do have goes to gas or supplies to help the people I can. I wish I had some of the millions of dollars that people donate to charities that spend it on advertising and fundraising and paid staff salaries. I wish that people could see that life is about compassion and that all it takes it giving of your heart. I wish I had the resources to help each and every child, teen, adult and senior who is cold or hungry and in desperate need.

So this is my post on feeling guilty for taking care of myself when there are so many others I should and could be taking care of that are just as ill with pneumonia or other ailments yet have no support network and don’t know that there is someone who truly cares. While I may not be on the street tonight, my heart and love truly are.

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