Fatal Illnesses…. Add the word Mental and People Seem To Care Less

I have written many times about how unfairly we treat those suffering from mental illnesses. The lack of support, understanding and love a person with mental illness receives just contributes to the isolation, fear, sadness the person feels.

We live in a society that seems to want to ignore mental illness until a tragedy or crisis happens and then we wonder how and why such a situation could happen. Even in the health care world we ignore, stigmatize and seem to judge those with mental illnesses. They are often not taken seriously or given any support. Often the thing a person with a mental illness needs and wants the most is someone to listen to them, someone to tell them that they care and that it will get better.

We need to do more to support people with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders before they get into a crisis situation. Stress can lead to or make any of these conditions worse…not to mention the dozens of physical conditions that stress leads to. We need to Care before it gets to the point where Health is in jeopardy.

A place where people can feel listened to without being judged. Where they can talk about their stress. Someone recently said to me that we don’t have enough trained people to set up treatment for a Listening centre…. but what training does someone need in order to listen.  What if Hospitals did have Listening centres. A place or even an email address or even a wall in the hospital where people could talk about or write down their stresses, let go of what is worrying them rather than feeling completely alone. A phone line for stress, not one that is there just for suicidal individuals in crisis. If people were listened to, didn’t feel alone they may not get to the point of needing hospitalization, long term treatment or other crisis intervention. If they did have more serious problems, those could be referred to professionals but the person would be listened to , given coping skill and life skills and know they are not alone as they wait for proper treatment.

It is sad that so many people feel so alone in this world they end up taking their own life or someone else’s. If I had millions 0f dollars I would spend it making sure no one felt alone, no one slept on the streets and no one ever went to bed hungry… not on war planes, mansions for myself or hiding it in the bank where it doesn’t do anyone any good. But since I don’t all I can offer is my two ears and caring heart and my prayers that everyone else will at least offer theirs to someone in need too.

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