The Cold of Night…

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The night is cold and the winds blow,

The ground is entirely covered with snow,

Darkness has fallen and the world is asleep,

In the shadows and storm you silently weep,

You wonder if anyone knows you are there,

During the day you are met with a blank distant stare,

Christmas is coming but means nothing to you,

It is just another sad, lonely day to get through,

A warm cup of soup or a kind smile,

Helps you feel hope once in a while,

How could the world ignore your terrifying plight,

Being all alone and starving each night,

They seem to judge you for not being clean,

But where was the last free shower they’ve seen,

They think they are all better than you,

And would never do the things you must do,

But they’ve never been on the streets alone,

With no place to go and no one to phone,

They don’t realize that a few months ago,

You were just like all the people they know,

You once had a job, a home and a car,

You had dreams of being a rich Movie star,

Then you started to get confused and sick,

And your life fell apart incredibly quick,

Now you are treated like you don’t exist,

But I promise you that I will persist,

Till you can sleep so soundly you snore,

In  a home with a roof, four walls and a floor,

Please don’t give up hope in the darkest of night,

I’ll do my best to make everything right,

I see you and love you and know you are there,

I will find a way to show it and make others care,

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2 Responses to The Cold of Night…

  1. patti says:

    Wow that is profound Connie!

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