Merry Christmas To All and To All A Good Life


Merry Christmas. I believe in Christ. Today I reflected on the passages about His birth, life and death. Whether you are a Christian or not the story of His life is an extraordinary example for each of us. He came to this earth as the Son of God (our Father) to die for each one of us. He lived His life doing good, all of His life was lived with compassion. He came here knowing the pain He would endure, and willingly came to endure it for each of us. He had that much love and compassion for every single person on earth. He endured every pain, emotional or physical that any person on earth has gone through, but all at the same time. He knew he would and He chose to go through it because He loved you and I that much.

Think of how incredible this world would be if every person lived our lives with the kind of love and compassion that He did. If we never sought to cause another harm, always made sure everyone around us knew they were loved and compassionately eased their suffering. Each of us is a child of Our Father In Heaven. We all have infinite worth, talents and love to offer this world. We came to this world with our own purpose. We are here for a reason. We have the ability and according to the scriptures a commandment to be more loving, compassionate and understanding.

Jesus lived His life full of empathy, thoughtfulness and service.  He knew what he would endure through out his life and still chose to come. He loved us that much. Much of the world is hurt by another and they lash out and hurt them back. We refuse to endure much pain at all for another. We give until it affects our comfort or only to those we think worth. Jesus would sit and dine with those that others judged. He would see the good in them, and help them see the good in each other. He would ease their suffering and show them love and compassion no matter who they were or why they were suffering. We have that ability. As I celebrate Christmas I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the compassion of my Father in Heaven. I am grateful for giving me the life I have with the people I have in it. I have a family that loves me no matter what, that serve others and fill my life with comfort and joy. I have incredible friends who make me smile or laugh when I never thought I could, they are my support, my confidence. I love my friends and I am grateful that they love me. I am grateful for those who do live their lives with compassion, unconditional love and a true understanding of the meaning and message of Jesus Christ’s birth and life. May you all find the true Spirit of Christmas and always be surrounded by love and compassion.


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