A Minute of Your Time and A Postcard Can Change A Life

ImageWhen I was 13 I saw a documentary on children starving in Ethiopia. I felt guilty. I was extremely overweight because I ate too much while children were dying from hunger. I didn’t think there was a lot I could do to help them, but I wanted to do something so I went on a diet and put all my babysitting money with a letter into an envelope simply addressed “Ethiopia” and put it in the mail.

Several months later I received the above postcard in the mail. It changed my life in many ways. I thought I was helpless, that my efforts didn’t matter but at 13 I learned that you can always do something, you can always make some difference. I am grateful for this postcard and the faith and hope that it gave me to help others. I haven’t changed the whole world, I never will. I can however change the world for one person at a time, in small ways by doing what I can. I wish I could respond now and express how much I appreciate them taking a minute to change my life simply by writing a postcard.


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