Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative



I read an article today that was an expose on Mother Teresa. It wanted to show that she was not as good as she said she was and gave theories and quotes to discredit her. No Mother Teresa was not perfect, no human being is. No matter how positive a person’s influence is, people live to find the negative. I don’t know if it is because they are not better people themselves so they would rather spend all their time putting down others or if it is just a case of too much time on their hands and misguided energy.

It is amazing what attitude can affect in life. It can be the difference between a person being successful or not, having compassion or not, being at peace or not.  If we focus on the negative in the world and in people, then we will create more negative. If we focus on the positive, we open up unlimited potential for good.

Imagine how much good governments would do if they stopped spending all their time pointing fingers at other parties and actually spent their time doing good. If all the energy they use yelling arguments back and forth were used to actually brainstorm and help run the country in a positive way we would have solutions to the problems facing us.

We wonder why so many children, youth and others feel the need to act out negatively. That is what our society focuses on, so why wouldn’t they learn negative behaviour over positive. We are a society that waits until there is a problem to complain about it and try to fix it rather than prevent the problem from happening by creating a positive environment in the first place.

We are so quick to find blame and point fingers, trying to get one up or covering our own butts. A nurse sat and watched a senior citizen having a medical emergency because it was against policy for her to administer CPR. She would not listen to the 911 operator and give the phone to someone who would help the elderly lady. She later died in hospital. The nurse was covering her own butt while watching a person die because we have become a society where that is the focus.

I see stories of scams and people hurting others just for the prospect of more money. Peoples lives are ruined because someone doesn’t give a damn about how their actions affect another person, as long as they are better off. I don’t understand that.

We have people dying in the world that could be saved by medication or simple medical intervention. The medication is available but because of money those people are left to die. I don’t understand that.

People starve to death in this world while other people won’t help because they want to see a big number in their bank account. They only donate when it is a photo op or good PR. I don’t understand that. If we changed our attitude, instead of saying “We can never solve hunger” and have a positive attitude “We are going to do everything in our power to solve hunger”… we would find the answers. All the world’s problems are that way. If we would accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative we would be a much happier, healthier, peaceful, beautiful world.

positive thoughts


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