Count Your Blessings And Be Grateful

tye-dye-peace-love-and-happiness-24231512-225-225Each moment can be one of gratitude if we treat it with gratitude. I once had an experience where my life flashed before my eyes. I can’t really say it flashed because it was like it was a compilation of home movies. A home movie I was in. It was like I was there for each small snippet of importance that played at that moment.

I have countless loving memories. While there were many good ones I realized that many of the most meaningful ones were when someone was by my side at the tough times. In my life the times I realize the greatest love or blessings have always been during or after difficult times. You realize the depth of a parents love when they are there for you no matter what. You don’t REALLY realize the depth of a parents love until you become one. The overwhelming, indescribable love for your child is in your heart. I always loved my family, I have been blessed with an amazing family.There were a lot of good times and a lot of laughs growing up, and through my adult life. I never really realized just how much my parents worried, just how difficult it was being a parent. As I looked at each memory I thought of how amazing they are, and how there were a lot of memories I didn’t count my blessings. both the good and the bad I felt a deeper gratitude and understanding for them then ever.

I saw the good choices I made and the bad. And then the moment that changed my life. My daughter blessed my life. She is the most extraordinary  person I know. I remembered sitting by her incubator and how beautiful she was. She has always been beautiful. She is beautiful. Inside and out. There is a new fear you get when you become a parent. A fear beyond any other fear of failure that there is. And despite my many failures she is an incredible, intelligent young woman. As I lived each moment again I wished I had enjoyed the actual moment more. In life I worry about trivial things, things that don’t really mean anything at the end of it all. I have loved every single second of being a mom but I wish I had stopped sweating the small stuff. Time goes so quickly. You worry so much about messing up, and then when you do they still turn out okay. It is a different kind of love than any other. I am so grateful to be a mom. I love my daughter forever and for always. She is sunshine walking. She makes me grateful for life. I love being her mom. It also makes me more grateful for God. I can’t imagine what He goes through with Billions of us to worry about. Of coarse He’s God so He knows not to worry. I wish I had. God knows what doesn’t work out in this world, will all make sense in the next.

I have friends that are true friends. That don’t look at my faults, or then there are my dearest real friends who accept my faults, help me strengthen my weaknesses and support me along the way. I am blessed with those kinds of friends. I am blessed to know a lot of awesome people. Young women I have served with, friends I have gone to school with, work with, from church or life. I am truly blessed. The kindness I have been shown in my life has been engraved in my heart. I am grateful. It was the difficult times in life that the kindest actions were ever done and the dearest friends ever found.

I am truly grateful now for the amazing life I have, the people in it, the blessings and experiences of it. I wish that at each moment of life I had truly realized the blessing it was and always treated moment as the blessing it was.

I am really grateful to the thousands of small miracles that happen in life when the big miracles don’t. Each moment is a miracle. You decide whether it is small or big


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