Policy and the Squeaky Wheel


The first government or business person who came up with the word “POLICY” was a genius. There are millions of things done, or not done because of “policy”.

“Sorry we can’t do anything, it’s policy”, “We are charging you a service charge because it’s policy”, “You will just have to live with it because it is policy”.

I think people should be able to have their own policies. Like… I’m sorry cellphone company, your employee was rude and not helpful so you owe me an “Annoyance” charge. It’s my policy. I’m sorry bank, I won’t pay you a $15 a month service charge so that you can hold my money and say I have insufficient funds when another bill goes to take a payment out because you took yours and extra charges first. No you can’t have more money because of your stupid policy. My policy supersedes it.

If I write in small print on my pants that it’s my policy to smack anyone that is an idiot, does that make it alright?I mean it was posted, it’s not my fault the person didn’t read the fine print. Government agencies constantly enforce stupidity in the name of policy. Yes there are some policies you should stick somewhere other than a binder.

A person who is homeless can’t get an address without assistance but they can’t get assistance because they don’t have an address…. it’s policy. Someone who is on disability can get just $600 a month for basic needs, even if there is not place to rent that is less that $600. You would be hard pressed in many areas to be able to rent a place for less than that let alone afford to survive beyond that. But it is policy.

I went to the bank machine today to deposit a cheque, I wanted cash back from my account as well. The machine would not give me the amount I wanted so I cancelled the transaction and tried again. I ended up being locked out of my bank account and card. Yea, It must be Monday. So I call the service number and the guy has me on hold for 10 minutes to come back and tell me he was sorry there was nothing he could do, it was policy I had to visit my branch.

I was sitting in the parking lot of my branch but they were closed. They had no problem turning my card off while my branch was closed, so they should be able to turn it on… His reply “Sorry it’s policy”. I asked to speak to someone else… It was his policy too. I eventually, after several times on hold and some comments about switching to a different bank, the supervisor got involved and miraculously the policy was overridden so I could at least withdraw enough to fill my gas tank.

It would be amazing to see a company or government that made a policy that was actually helpful, that wasn’t a “Cover our butts so we can be as unhelpful as possible” policy. One that made someone’s day easier for a change instead of being a hassle of road blocks and red tape.

It’s my new policy to simplify my life and laugh at all the idiocy shrouded in the name of Policy.

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