More Customer Service and Less Policy Please…

I don’t understand banks. I guess what I don’t understand is how society agreed to this sham. They have policies upon policies with loop holes on their side, because they claim “Policy”. They charge people an arm and a leg to keep their money there. One individual ended up with more than $50 in different service charges in one month due to miscommunication.  Banks take service fees when you want to track your own transactions, like look at a cheque in your account, with your name on it. They take service fees to provide services like Overdraft protection and then don’t tell you until after you have insufficient funds in the account (because they took out service fees) that due to a loop hole or “policy” you don’t have overdraft protection on the overdraft protection account they charge you for.

They have managers that freeze bank cards until “funds are verified” but then put an extra 5 day hold on the account because customer asked him to please not speak down to them. You can’t do anything about it because they are the “bank”.  Managers who will actually say to a customer “technically you are the one who pressed cancel transaction so it is your fault for cancelling the transaction the first time and trying again”… What is a cancel button for??? Why does it not say if you cancel a transaction and try to do it again your entire card, all your accounts and your ability to do anything could be frozen for several days and you will have to deal with a bank manager who tells clients “You don’t have enough money or credit for us to care” when client says they will take their business else where.

When did it become a job of citing “Policy” and making customers lives difficult. I thought that you were there to help people. There are times I will go to a cashier and she will not smile or say a word other than how much I owe. Customer service people speak down to clients when they enquire about a mistake or miscommunication.

I know customer service can be a demanding job. But part of the job is service. When a customer is not being rude to you there is no reason for you to be rude to them. Even if they are rude to you, it is up to you to be the better person or handle the situation maturely. Why do so many companies seem to do all they can to screw the customer. Service fees and administration fees, improvement fees and processing fees. You get paid well at a bank to provide service.  You have the wildest racket in the world going. You hold peoples financial and physical lives in your hands. People lose their homes, cars, savings and will to live at times because of the “Policies” of banks. I watched in horror as banks in the US were bailed out and thousands upon thousands of families lost their homes.   The people running the banks have their fortunes and their homes because of the fees, service charges, interest rates and “Policies” that ruin others. We deserve service. We are customers. At least do more than count our money in your pocket.

When did banks go from the friendly people helping you to the enemy that charges incredible amounts and talk down to you while they do it. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.  I will never have a lot of money, I prefer to use it to help others lives be better, than to sit in a bank account as just a number. That doesn’t mean I’m less of a person or customer than someone with billions. A customer with a dollar should be treated with the same respect as a customer with a billion dollars. I know if I ever was a billionaire I would treat them with the same respect I do when I have little money.

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