A Good Ol’ Fashioned Doctor Can Be Best



I had an appointment with a specialist today. Dr. Best. I had high hopes. It took three months to get into him. He lived up to his name. I was sitting in the waiting room for over an hour thinking “Wow, you are booking appointments months in advance and you still have to keep them waiting an hour, what’s up with that?” I started to think this was going to be like many doctors appointments that happen where you wait for hours, see the doctor for five minutes and are rushed out the door because he is running behind and wants to rush through. That is not how Dr. Best does it.

When called into his office he apologized for having kept me waiting then sat down and started talking, more importantly he started listening. Dr. Best had my referral and chart before I saw him, he had one preconceived notion of what needed to be done until he sat and listened to my answers. Each answer gave him more information, and helped me give him more accurate information. It can be hard to perfectly articulate what is going on with your body, how pain or a sensation feels so that the other person completely understands. Dr. Best listened to my answers and then asked the right questions. He had a totally different opinion of the right treatment plan and diagnostic tests because he listened to me and gained that information. I wish every medical professional, especially students could learn from doctors like Dr. Best. It is not about fancy offices or how many patients you see in a day. It is about doing the best thing for the patient. He restored my wavering faith in the health system. I actually left his office feeling better. Not because I was cured, or anything physically had changed that may be down the road but I felt listened to, truly cared for by my doctor and like I was on the right path with a doctor that understood the actual issue and patient concerns.

Thank you Doctor Best for living up to both of those names.

Thankful for skilled and talented physicians who listen to their patients, their hearts and the still small voice.

Thankful for skilled and talented physicians who listen to their patients, their hearts and the still small voice.

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