images (1) I bought a container the other day, as I went to use it for it’s intended purpose I realized there was a label stuck on the inside of it that didn’t belong there. The label may have served a purpose in the store but it was now in the way. I would have bought the container even without the label. It didn’t improve the containers value or worth.

As I went to remove the label it left a very sticky and thick glue residue on the inside of the container. I tried for a long time to get rid of the gunk left behind. I soaked it and scraped it. There was still a tackiness that just wouldn’t come off. I decided not to use the container for the reason I bought it. It is still useful but is not living up to the potential it came home with…

Sometimes I think we make the same mistake with people. We attach labels to them. Perhaps at the time we put them there they are thought of as useful. Though they in no way add to the containers value. Labels that have outlasted their usefulness or that were wronging attached or there for too long can lead to a person not living up to their potential.

We need to make sure we don’t permanently attach labels that no longer belong. A container that has a label saying “Tea” is inside should have the label removed when the container is used to store coffee. Otherwise everyone will just assume it is tea and miss out on having coffee.

We run the risk of missing out on incredible qualities and talents of others if we quickly label them and judge them by the labels that have already been attached.


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