A Mom’s Heart

suspect-number-2-blog480When I looked at the above photograph taken by Paul Green I thought of being a mom. The young person in the white hat walking by the building on the left side of the picture is said by the FBI to be the second suspect in the Boston bombings. I thought of the overwhelming fear it would be as a mom to look at the picture and find your child as “suspect 2”.

It is a different kind of fear and pain than every other mother associated with people in this picture would feel. Their child was hurt, or put in harms way or tragically taken in this horrible, senseless bombing. Everyone can sympathize and understand that kind of motherly worry and love. And everyone wants to get who did it. No one has the right to hurt a mother’s child.

But what about when the apple of your eye has a few worms or rotten spots. I don’t have that problem, I have an incredible daughter. She has the kindest heart I have ever known. She is the greatest most perfect apple in the orchard… My parents weren’t so lucky. I was one of those brought to the world to help others learn patience, endurance and long suffering. I am kind hearted but I am certainly not going to win any “bragging about your amazing kid” contests at the seniors centre.

A mom’s heart is different than any other. There may be people in your life that are close to your heart or you keep in your heart but for a mom, her kids are her heart.

No matter what the danger, bad choice, pain a child has, you want to protect, save and comfort them the best you can. As moms we struggle with our minds for the right things to do, and sometimes we don’t always make the best choices but we always hope with all our hearts that our kids will. The greatest wish and dream of the future for a mom is that her child will be happy.

As I looked at this picture I thought of the horror this suspects mom would feel to see this choice he made and the consequences that go with it. Her heart I’m sure filled with a fear and sadness at the possibility that her child could be involved in something like this. A mom’s heart will beg with her soul and barter with her life that it is not her child but still love him even if it is.

No matter who we are or what we have done we are a child to a mom’s heart. I am grateful for my mom and for the incredible amazing blessing of being one. I love having a mom’s heart they are forever changed and always full -either of joy because their child is happy or of sadness because they are not and always of love.

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