I’m A Super Hero

I have been privileged to be the Young Women’s Camp director with approximately 100  young women for several years now. A few years ago during Camp Hope an incredible friend who served and donated her time and talent as our photographer, Pep leader and an inspiration and support to me, RoseMarie and her daughter Sam, made me a multi coloured super hero cape and medal.


I don’t think they will ever really appreciate how much that cape has been an encouragement and strength to me. I take it whenever I travel. Yes I travel with my super hero cape because you never know when you will need super hero powers. My cape has powers. Every time I look at it I smile, thinking of my amazing friends who made it, the awesome young women who were at camp and the young women’s values. My cape gives me strength, reminds me of the support and love that are in my life. The cape reminds me that I can be a super hero by living the Young Women Values

Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity and Virtue.

Those are my weapons against the negative and sometimes evil world. I am grateful for the young women and leaders I served with. I have made friends that will be dear to me forever. I am a better person for my time serving with each of them. As I went to camp to help teach they young women what the values are, they showed my heart what the values really mean.

I am on a journey right now, life has changed in a matter of days to be completely different.  Great things are in the future. Life will be filled with the values of my superhero friends. I feel like I am the Hobbit on an adventure. I am grateful for the tools I take with me, thanks to the blessing of super heroes in my life.

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