Eating Disorder Recovery Is Peace


Eating Disorder recovery for me is:

– enjoying a meal until I feel full, being able to put food on my plate or in my body without even considering the amount of calories or how long I would have to work out before burning it off.

– never knowing or caring how many calories I ate in a day or what my exact weight is. Never even having the thought of throwing up what I ate or starving myself for days because of negative thoughts.

-Knowing that “fat” isn’t a feeling, so when I look at and feel the feelings I have, I won’t obsess about fat, control, food, negative things about myself

– not having a scale in the house and being totally okay with that.

– Being able to wear what I want, go in public and not automatically be thinking about how bad I look or how I will avoid eating.

– Being able to sit down in front of people and have a meal and really enjoy myself.

– Starting and ending my day feeling peace and happiness. To be able to change thoughts so I stop myself when I start to put myself down.

– Writing a gratitude journal and being grateful for my life, the people in it and for being me  almost every day 🙂

– Being able to look in a mirror for a minute, even if I think a bad comment or make a derrogatory joke about myself, I can walk away and laugh and genuinely enjoy my day.

– To have peace and joy, to have fun at movies or a gathering, to order extra cream in my latte and have a brownie without feeling even a twinge of guilt or self loathing.

– To see light in each day, think more clearly and feel better.

– To not be confused, sad, have mood swings or be constantly tired.

– To be able to cry when I am sad and to be able to be happy without feeling guilty for either.

– To love myself and my life.


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