It Takes 2 Youth Leadership Derrick Shirley Rides Across Canada


I love going for a long bike ride, it can be exhilarating and relaxing all at the same time. Of course my idea of a “long bike ride” is much different than Derrick Shirley’s. He is riding across Canada. In fact he has already gone through British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He is riding in Ontario right now and heading east. You are probably asking Is this dude crazy????

I went to high school with Derrick and I can tell you HE IS!!! but in an incredible, change the world, I have a dream, motivational and awesome way. Derrick Shirley is riding across Canada because he is crazy about youth. He has put this much effort, determination, physical ability and emotional strength into this ride because he is a leader and he creates leaders.

Derrick has dedicated his life and talents to providing youth with leadership skills and most importantly a mentor and example who is willing to go all the way. Please take a minute to check out Derrick’s page for It Takes 2 Youth Leadership Institute at and learn more about this awesome man and his incredible journey. When Derrick gets back I plan on helping with some of his youth programs to help prevent teen suicide and create confident, happy youth.

It only takes a second to like his page on Facebook at or follow Derrick on twitter @IT2Institute

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