Kindness….Who Are The People In Your Neighbourhood…

I have the honour of doing home care. People allow me into their homes and I cherish hearing their stories and offering them care. I love my job. I love getting to know so many unique individuals, each with their own story, their own trials and their own blessings. I hope to be a part of the blessings.

I meet many people in many neighbourhoods, they are the people in your neighbourhoods. Many of them are elderly or very sick or with disabilities that have affected their ability to care for themselves or their mobility in some way.  I love spending time with them. I may be there to care for them in a time that they see their weaknesses, I only learn about their strengths.

Their stories are fascinating, their personalities so incredible. Many of them don’t see many people in a day.They are lonely. They long for someone to talk to.  Sometimes they see too many and it is tiring, confusing and just plain annoying. Often the people they see are doctors or health care people who are busy poking at them, asking questions or telling them it is time to get ready for the day or when to eat or that it’s time to shower because a stranger has time to help you now. When that Health care person is done the task they are there to do, it is time to move on and they barely had a conversation that didn’t involve a bodily function or activity of daily living. No time to chat, they ask how you are and never stick around for the full answer. The person eats alone, sits alone, is alone. I love my job because I get to brighten a day. I get my day brightened. I often stay a while longer to just sit and listen. Each story is fascinating, even if it is the third time. I always learn something new about the person they are and the strength they have now and in the past.

The people in your neighbourhood remind me how amazing life is, how incredible miracles and trials shape us and how important love, kindness and a grateful heart are. I see their faces light up when the phone rings or when someone is coming to visit. If everyone in their neighbourhood or life took a minute to show kindness in a week, there would be many less lonely people and each moment would be filled with something to smile about, because of kindness. It changes lives.


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