Happy Canada Day, Be More Canadian Eh..


I just finished a Canada Day spent mostly at work. I had a great Canada Day. I learned my family started heading home today. It made my Canada Day to know my daughter will be home in a day or two. I am grateful we live in a country where we can communicate so freely and get to travel to be with each other with relative ease. I am grateful to live in a country where I can feel my family is safe, many in the world cannot feel safe at home or on the streets because of war, natural disasters or other factors.

I am blessed to get to meet many individuals who help remind me why this country is so great. It’s People. I am proud to be Canadian. I am proud to live in a nation filled with diversity, a strong work and moral ethic, kindness and incredible history.

I am thankful to be Canadian. To live in a peaceful country filled with beautiful landscapes, amazing places and great people. I love the wildlife (when it’s not standing in the middle of the road) and our hot summers and cold winters, for living in a place that is so bountiful and abundant in its resources and food. A country known for it’s people being polite and trying to do what’s right. A country filled with people with extraordinary talent, humour and personality.

I am grateful to know that even though we have a million miles to go in helping everyone in need, there are millions of Canadians who care, who want to make Canada a more compassionate and more just place for every person who lives here.

I have seen hundreds of youth give service and volunteer their time to help others. There are millions of Canadians who donate their time, energy and talents to help another.

I am grateful to be Canadian and I say with pride “Happy Canada Day”.  The world would be a much kinder, gentler, funnier one if we all were a little more Canadian Eh?

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