Help is Courage…Help is strength

owning our story and loving ourselvesImagine someone talking to you constantly. Sometimes saying horrible things, sometimes just making noise, but always talking. You ask them to be quiet, to please just stop talking but they don’t listen. They talk when they want to, saying whatever they want to. Nothing you do will get them to stop… Now imagine no one else hears them because the voices are inside your own head. You can’t explain it to anyone and if you tell others that you have voices talking to you, they treat you differently. You are alone, but never alone because of voices. No one understands, you don’t even know how to begin to tell someone what life is like for you. You need someone to listen, but you don’t know what to say. People keep asking how can I help? but if you knew that, you wouldn’t feel so lost…if you knew that you would get help, you want help, but nothing helps. You don’t know what to say and people don’t understand. You are surrounded by people, by voices, and yet you feel like the most alone person in the universe. No one seems to understand, you don’t understand. I can’t imagine not being able to stop them, not being able to get away from them and feeling like you have no one to talk to about it. Seeking help takes courage, strength, vulnerability, intelligence and faith.

Getting help takes patience with the system, with people around you, with society, with doctors and family and God. Being helped means having a courage few in this world have. It is also the greatest thing a person can do. Life can become fearless and powerful because you found that courage and that strength.

It can be filled with a compassion for others, a joy and gratitude for life and a peace and love for yourself. It doesn’t matter whether the voices that get to you are in your head or in the world around you from people in your life… seeking help is never a bad thing. Life is about the pursuit of happiness, and we all need help in one way or another.

Life can be stressful. Whether it is a sick loved one, a life disappointment, floods or tornadoes, job loss or relationship loss, there will be times when life feels overwhelming and even if it is just the day to day tasks of life getting you down…Seeking help and support is always a courageous and rewarding option. You can learn you are not alone, that you don’t have to do it alone, that life doesn’t have to be that stressful, that overwhelming. Seeking help takes all the courage in the world but it can also open up a world of possibilities and a world where you are not alone. 491_10151582697651056_1806477986_n

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2 Responses to Help is Courage…Help is strength

  1. Cathy Laws says:

    i am STUCK on brene brown lately, such an amazing message 🙂 if only your name was crazy cat lady, then we would have even more in common lol

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