Slide4I cannot know what got you here,

or the details from your life,

I can’t understand pain you endure,

Or comprehend your strife,

I can’t help to comfort you,

and be your strength,

If I don’t sit and listen to,

your stories told at length,

How can I have an answer for you,

and the questions of your heart,

If you can’t share all you’ ve been through,

Each and every part.

Tell me what warms you,

and brings you happiness,

Or the things you’re scared to do,

if you can confess,

Tell me your favourite memory,

And why it is the best,

and please share with me,

the things that make you blessed,

Share with me all your pain,

and know you’re not alone,

Do you love walking in the rain,

Or do you stay home.

With every moment you share,

I listen with heart and mind,

Given more reasons to care,

Each answer is “Be Kind”


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