No I’m Not Perfect….But I’m Awesome!


I have a lot of faults. My faults used to be the focus of what I thought about myself. I let them stop me from seeing my good qualities. No I am not perfect. I am the worst girlfriend ever because my boyfriend never sees me (we haven’t actually gone out since we started going out). I can be a horrible friend because I hate talking on the phone…it is almost a phobia, I don’t write letters, well actually I write letters, I just never seem to get them into the mailbox. I can be absent minded and at times my stupidity is beyond comprehension I spend half my life looking for things I misplaced or apologizing for things I have forgotten…but you know what I have come to realize… I am pretty awesome…and you are too.

I am writing this for anyone going through a self esteem problem, anyone who is mad that they are not perfect or focussed on their weaknesses….

You were made to be awesome. Not perfect! Everyone has their faults, weaknesses and problems but everyone has incredible talents and qualities that can far outshine any negative aspect of their personality.

I was driving home from a particularly crazy day this week. One where a lot of people needed my attention and time and I smiled because I realized that I can be awesome. I was able to give kindness and compassion and assistance to several people just because of who I am… they came to me, trusted me and accepted my help just because of the person I am and the spirit I have. I was grateful for being me…. I have been grateful for many things and people in my life. I am truly blessed but it was not until I said a silent prayer on the way home this week that I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for being the person that I am…

No matter who you are or what weaknesses you have… there are reasons to be grateful for being you. YOU are awesome. YOU can touch peoples lives in a way that no other person in the world can, just because you are you…. remember that. There is someone in your life who needs your awesomeness, who is waiting for you to share your awesomeness with them. It doesn’t matter what your faults are, we all have them…. the only thing that matters is your awesomeness. You were made to be awesome, not perfect… so today Be Awesome and be grateful for being you!


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