Growing Old….


I used to travel to and fro,

In search of life’s treasure,

But little did I know,

I was rich beyond measure,

I would cook loving meals,

For my family and friends,

Now I have meals on wheels,

and someone changing my depends,

I can’t turn on my old stove,

Without some long speech,

I can’t walk to the grove,

To pick a fresh peach,

I could see to do,

whatever I wanted,

Now if I don’t poo,

Everyone seems daunted,

I take a long time,

T0 answer the front door,

And when the bells chime,

I can’t hear them anymore,

I sit in this arm chair,

For hours on end,

There’s no one there,

To call my friend,

I would read more books,

If my eyes were good,

I now get strange looks,

cause I’m misunderstood,

I forget names and dates,

and often I confuse,

How each friend met their fates,

and how I got the news,

My days seem very long,

they’re spent alone,

The number is usually wrong,

When I answer the phone,

People are always in a rush,

To get from here to there,

Yet I can’t even brush,

My own greyed brittle hair,

Someone tells me when to eat,

The frozen dinner they prepared,

They don’t have time to take a seat,

or for conversation to be shared,

I have a dozen different pills,

And they apply several creams,

For various diseases and ills,

that were never in my dreams,

I have to have my shower,

with a stranger I don’t know,

She only has an hour,

So we better start the show,

Couldn’t she stop and talk to me,

For a minute or two,

Can’t anyone truly see,

How hard this is to do,

I use to run a company,

And I loved to dance,

Now if I have to go pee,

I only get there by chance,

My toes ache a lot,

right up to my head,

I’d really rather not,

Move out of my bed,

I start to tell a story,

But they usually have to go,

So my days of glory,

They’ll never get to know,

This getting old thing,

Is really tough to do,

Please help me laugh and sing,

And help me to get through.

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One Response to Growing Old….

  1. Melissa Mills says:

    That was very humbling. We are in such a rush in society. Too many times, there is an emphasis on speed of service rather quality of service!
    Thank you for reminding me of howI need to be!

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