I Care, I Will Always Care…

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Sometimes it was my daughter lying in that bed,

I prayed that she’d have loving staff and always be well fed,

And then it was my brother who needed special care,

I’d worry about him and wanted to be there,

At times it was my mom who was in the hospital,

I lost a ton of sleep worrying if I properly recall,

There were times when we prayed about my dad,

And we worried that his prognosis seemed really bad,

I know the compassion I wanted them each to get,

I know the standards of care I wanted to be met,

That’s why I’m really doing the career I chose to do,

I want to give that same quality of care to you.

I am here for you to help relieve life’s demands,

I’m not here just looking at the clock’s minute hands,

What can I do to make today a less stressful day,

This job is so much more to me than just my small weekly pay,

I love to visit you and bring you a caring smile,

Yes of coarse we can sit and talk and laugh for little while,

I’m sure it can be hard for you day in and out,

To have strange caregivers always wandering about,

Yes I will really listen and truly care how you feel,

I know you’re facing a struggle that’s overwhelmingly real,

You are someone’s precious child, mom, dad, sister or brother,

And you will be treated with the compassion and respect of no one other.

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