It’s Not Easy Being Green….

It’s not easy being anyone today,

Everyone struggles in their own private way,

Yes we all have happy moments and happy years,

But we also have the ones that can bring us to tears,

We have those things and people we love and respect most,

And a thing we’d brag about if it were polite to boast,

We have our weaknesses no matter who we are,

Whether it’s our children or our love for a new car,

Words can’t really show how strongly a person feels,

Or what hidden talents our life truly conceals,

We all have that one fear that holds us back,

That thought that would cause a panic attack,

It’s not easy being green we can all relate,

never a reason to be mean or to humiliate.

Compassion and empathy will change the world around,

Any life is improved when these two things are found.

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