It’s Okay If You Don’t Know Everything…


You don’t have to know everything about a person to know the most important things.

1. Everyone deserves respect. You don’t need to know any other fact, because no other fact matters. That living being deserves respect.

2. Love and Compassion are always the right answer.

3. Everyone has their own journey. They are the only one who has walked it. Their journey deserves respect. Compassion is always the right answer.

4. Some days are tough. No matter who you are…some days are tough, it doesn’t mean there aren’t miracles to be grateful for in each day but some days are harder to be grateful for than other days. No matter who you are, there are tough days in one way or another. Love and Compassion are always the right answer. It is easier to be grateful for a day when love and compassion have been a part of it.

5. People are strong and really awesome. I have seen people get through unbelievably difficult circumstances and be faced with physical and emotional hardships in the future with Faith, stronger family and friend relationships than ever thought possible. True unconditional love is shared when overcoming insurmountable trials. Love and Compassion are always the right answer.

6. Animals are good for the soul. They can help see you through, they become friends. No matter how happy the rest of your life is, a pet that you care about enriches it. You feel loved and you bond. They are part of the family. I see it many times in home care or when around youth. I have had animals that have seen me through and brought many smiles, peace, love and joy to my life. Animals are good for the soul. Love and Compassion are always the answer.

7. Compassion, Respect and Love are always the right answer. Some people say “respect is earned”. I disagree with that somewhat. You earn respect by surviving the world and just being on this planet. No matter who a person is. They are someone’s little girl or boy, someone’s mom or beloved Papa. No matter what choices a person has made, how they have coped or where they are in their journey. Compassion and love is always the right answer.

8. I don’t have all the answers but when the question is “What should I do?”. React with compassion and love. The rest of the answers seem to be easier to find when compassion is used to search for them.

9, Everyone likes and needs to be listened to. Not just someone sitting in the same room while they talk but to be truly listened to. Whether it is in the hospital or at home, at school or at work, everyone likes to feel heard. Compassion and respect are always the right answer. The more you listen to someone’s journey…the more you can find to respect and love. They have always deserved respect but it’s not til you listen to their story that you understand why you respect them. They have always deserved your love, you just didn’t know the reasons why… Everyone has a journey and a destiny. Respect, Compassion and Love make that journey much more meaningful and the destiny easier to discover. Each of us needs to take time to listen to others, and to ensure we take time to listen to our own thoughts on our own journey. It is hard to realize how far you’ve come if you don’t stop to recall where you’ve been and realize who you are.

10. All of the above answers are meant for each of us. We deserve respect, Love and Compassion from ourselves. It is true that we are our own worst critic. We do things to ourselves or hold grudges and say mean things to ourselves or hurt ourselves in ways we would never dream to treat someone else. You wouldn’t even consider going up to a loved one or even a stranger on the street and saying insulting comments like “You’re not good enough”, “Man you are stupid”, “You’re too fat”… yet some people say those types of things to themselves everyday. Surely you deserve as much respect and compassion as your friends, family, strangers? You deserve respect and compassion because you are surviving in this world and it’s been a long journey. No body makes the right choices 100 percent of the time. You forgive family, friends and strangers for things yet put yourself down and hold on to past mistakes you’ve made…Surely you deserve to be forgiven for your mistakes and weaknesses too…Compassion, Love and Respect are always the answer. If you treat yourself with those three qualities, you will make better choices for your life, you will find more happiness and greater peace. You will be able to develop and concentrate on your amazing qualities your talents and strengths but first you have to accept, have compassion for and let go of your past choices. Love you for who you are and for what your journey has been.


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