My Wish…




Do you ever really stop for a few moments in life and think about your wishes in life? I often think about what I hope and wish for people in my life. In fact I try to stop and reflect for a second on my true wishes for anyone in my life.

I am blessed with an amazing family and incredible friends. I have a daughter, parents, extended family, best friends and animals that give each of the wishes listed about to me. I wish the same things for them.

For each person in my life I wish:

Comfort on difficult days. We all have difficult days. No one is immune. One person’s difficult day will be completely different than another person’s, they are still difficult to get through. No matter why your day is difficult or what you go through in life, I pray you always have comfort on difficult days. The kind of comfort you need at that moment. I pray that I can be that comfort in some way. May I always be a bright spot in a difficult day and never the reason for one.

Smiles when sadness intrudes. A smile can make a world of difference in a day, in a life. I pray that there is always a friendly caring smile there when you need one. I pray I remember this when passing a stranger in the mall, working, or at home with my beautiful daughter. May you always find the smile you need when you need it most.

Laughter to kiss your lips. Laughter has a profound impact on a day, on a life. It is a stress reliever, it bonds people, it heals and creates memories. Laughing memories. I love to laugh. I have a family with a great sense of humour. My daughter can make me laugh like no other. She is witty and she has great timing and is able to make me laugh. I love laughing with her. My mom and I have had each other laughing until we were in tears. I may have even pee’d a little. We have often laughed our way through stressful situations. I get my sense of humour from my dad.  Our greatest memories with people usually involve laughter. When I work I always feel I am successful in my day if I have made each client laugh at least once. I love the sound of laughter, it is hard to be sad or mad when you hear the sound of laughter. Not laughter at someone, but laughter at life. Everyday should include some laughter, for everyone, everywhere.

Sunsets to warm the heart. Nature is beautiful. Our world is beautiful. May you have a moment in the day to stop and stare at a sunset or try to count the stars. May you stop to smell the roses. And if you can’t get to roses outside, may someone bring roses and heart warming things to you.

Friendships to brighten your being. Friendships in my life are my everything. Some friends have been responsible for getting me through a lot of bad times and have created a lot of the good times. I have been blessed with knowing what a real friend is. I learned that I was unconditionally loveable because of my best friend. She taught me to love myself because she loved me flaws and all. She helped me see my strengths and accept my weaknesses. She strengthened my relationship with God, and everyone else in my life because she helped me believe I was capable, that it was possible to like me for me. Friendships add so much to life. I have incredible friends. They are examples, they are laughter, they are comfort, they are the ones who make you believe anything is possible and to remind you of the blessings in life. May you always have the friendships you need.

Faith so that you can believe, Confidence for when you doubt and the Courage to know yourself.


You have the power to have a happy and good life no matter what your circumstances if you have the courage to examine yourself and know who you are and what is important to you. May you always like who you are and may you see who you can be.

Patience to accept the truth. Not everything happens the way we want it to, or with the outcome we pray for. Not everyone will be kind in life, not every race will be won or scholarship awarded but all things will work out for the best if you have patience and you have faith. May you always have patience to know that life will work out, that most people are kind, that blessings surround you.

Love to complete your life. May you always have someone in your life and heart with love. My daughter taught me the true meaning of loving someone. To know someone loves you, and to love someone with all your heart will get you through anything. May you always have love. May you always know how much I love you.imagesCAAHHV7Z





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