Life Is…


Yesterday I was asked what I believe life is all about. This week has had me thinking about life a lot. I witnessed the aftermath of a tragedy this week. There was a devastating fire in an apartment building. As part of the VON team that works there I help care for many of the residents in this building and spend several hours there each week. The person who asked me what I believed life was all about, helped people out of the building, calmed tenants down and supported residents through the crisis. I wanted to give a heartfelt answer that was beyond “life is about finding happiness”. It is hard during a tragedy or difficult time to focus on the “happiness” of life.

He wanted to know why I believe tragedy happens and what is the point of life. So my thoughts on that as a crazy lady in a crazy world are:

Life is a lesson in compassion. We are all here to learn what our soul already knows….Life is about compassion. We all learn in different ways and so we are given different experiences to help us develop compassion and learn that is the meaning of life, of eternity.

It is usually through the difficult experiences in life we develop compassion. It is through tragedies we see examples of compassion in others and we are given the opportunity to be show compassion and realize the blessing of it.

I saw many examples of compassion this week. I saw Fire fighters, Paramedics, Nurses, Police Officers, Fellow Residents, my managers and volunteers all show incredible compassion, concern and courage while caring for those who live in the building. I saw people risk their own safety and lives for strangers and to go above and beyond to comfort and provide help to those in need.

I saw many people give all their talents, effort and energy to caring for others. It was a beautiful and inspiring thing to experience and see. I saw people climbing 15 floors of stairs several times during the day to deliver food, water, and care to residents as elevators were out. I saw people checking on every person to make sure they had their needs met and were okay physically and emotionally after all that had happened. I had 1 client say she never knew so many people cared about her until she got so many phone calls to see if she was okay. A friend walk up more than a dozen floors to bring her a slice of pizza, she felt more loved than ever after this event.

We have the ability to find peace no matter what happens in life if we show each other compassion. We all have free will. Unfortunately bad things happen in life. Sometimes because of another persons horrible choices, but compassion can get a person through any situation. Compassion is what it is all about. It is what changes a time of pain or sorrow to a time of love and kindness. Compassion and love are what makes it all worthwhile.

We will suffer any sacrifice and go through any pain because of love for another. We can get through any pain and cope with any sacrifice because of love and compassion from another. I believe Love and Compassion are what life is all about.

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