Derrick Shirley ….The 400-Pound Male Stripper

I have many inspiring and talented friends. One that shines and excels at inspiring others is a high school  classmate named Derrick Shirley. He is not only an athlete that rode a bike across Canada this year but he is a mentor, an inspirational speaker and an author. 

The 4oo-Pound Male Stripper is more than just a story or book, it is a journey that we take as Derrick finds his place, calling and love in life. We see how he became so inspirational and why he spends his life changing the lives of others. It is a raw look into life, into self esteem and self worth. It is an honest and rivoting look into Derrick’s soul searching quest to find his purpose and calling in life. The understanding and conquest of his weaknesses and the discovery of his strengths led Derrick to see the potential for greatness in anyone. He dedicates his life to helping others see their own worth and ability to accomplish anything. This is his journey to knowing the incredible power of one.


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