Creative and Creature Therapy…

Some people don’t know they are creative. They don’t realize what their spirit can create and what they do create in life. When we realize something we can create it is a feeling of pride, expression of our soul.

I have a daughter that creates amazing art work. She is talented in many artistic areas. She has created beautiful pictures, written incredible poems, done theatre and music. She is funny. She would make a great stand up comedian. She also creates many other things. She is a talented and delicious baker and a good cook. She creates really great ideas when brainstorming about anything. She creates a caring and fun environment and creates joy in children’s lives when she is with them. She creates strong friendships and acts of kindness and she creates love and gratitude in the lives of others. She is very creative and that is without her even knowing it.

I go into clients homes and comment on beautiful quilts or detailed cross stitch pictures or home made crafts because I usually find out that it was their creation. I am amazed at the beauty that each spirit can create with such talents.

Photographers and cooks each speak with excitement about creating their latest project. Seamstresses that show me the intricate stitch they used on their creations around the home. Wood burned plaques, bookshelves they built or gardens they lovingly tend.

Everyone has a need to create. An expression of our spirit.

I was recently talking to a friend from public school. She was a great friend then and has become a beautiful woman. She is an accomplished artist, educated art therapist, business woman, public speaker, and mother, She is in touch with her creative soul and uses it as a driving and grounding force in her life. She expresses herself through her creativity in every area of her life and it brings her happiness.

We were talking about how art, music and animal therapy are all essential to mental and physical health. Unfortunately there are very few resources for Art, music and animal therapy in a formal setting. When funding is cut or limited for health care, schools or mental health programs these are often the services that suffer. This is a mistake. The ability to express oneself in an artistic way helps create confidence, helps a person to understand themselves and their world better, helps create happiness, a sense of accomplishment and worth. It is our stress reliever and gift.We all have a gift and purpose but sometimes individuals need help unwrapping their gift and understanding their souls desire to create.

Every animal owner I know creates a home and loving family for their furry, feathered or scaly friend. I have heard the love of clients for their snakes, igauna’s, birds and fish. I see moods change and stress relieved just when a pet walks in a room. Smiles of owners as they talk about the personality of their pets. I see sadness lifted as they pamper their animal with love.

Musicians spend days writing their songs, dancers create each routine. I know women who knit hundreds of blankets or mittens for those who are in need. Some create cards with beautiful designs and others write stories or books. I know women who create at risk youth programs and create change in young lives and others who dedicate their days to creating memories with grandchildren and their kids. Each creation important. Each creative experience a positive imprint on the soul. A happiness created, a peace eventually uncovered.

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