Remembrance Day…Thank You


Today is Remembrance Day. A day when we remember those who gave their lives serving Canada in the military during war (or Peace Keeping missions…). I would also like to  take a moment to remember those who are still alive, but also gave their lives.

A person who goes to war, gives their life. The life they once had is gone forever, nothing will ever be the same. Emotionally and/or physically scarred for life. A life (for many who have physical injuries from serving their country) that now consists of physical pain, physical therapy, medication, re learning life skills, home and nursing care.

A person that was once running towards danger and standing with courage now waits for someone else to bath them, take them to the washroom and feed them until they can do if for themselves.

Others face difficulty with nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Their lives are forever changed. These soldiers gave their lives for me also. The life they once had is no more. They now how different goals, different challenges, different memories than before. My heart is forever grateful and they are always remembered.

They gave their lives in service to their country. Life is still full of blessings, but life is different. They still face life with courage and honour but different battles must be faced and a different life is had. They gave their lives for me.  My heart is grateful for the courage each showed in service and the courage each shows now. You are remembered everyday in my heart.


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One Response to Remembrance Day…Thank You

  1. Karen Evans says:

    “A nation reveals itself not only in the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers.” -John F. Kennedy

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