Anything Is Possible If You Believe….


I believe in God. I have always known He was there. I have seen miracles. I knew He was there, but I didn’t really believe in Him…. what I mean is, I didn’t always believe that He unconditionally loved me. I have thought about the purpose of life a lot lately, about what I believe. I started quickly answering the check list in my head…

I believe in a Heavenly Father who loves His children unconditionally. I believe in the scriptures and what they tell me and the Prophets counsel. Then I started to think…Do I really? Do I believe that Heavenly Father loves His children unconditionally. If I do believe that then I must believe that He loves me unconditionally. I am His child and He sent me here to teach me lessons of compassion, strength and love. Just as we try to teach our children lessons of sharing, caring and respect. All we ever want is for our children to be happy. Just like we would correct a child in their behaviour when they push their sister down, Heavenly Father finds the need to teach me lessons in a way He knows I’ll understand. Parents often talk to their children in different ways, depending on which child it is. One is super sensitive so you are careful how you approach a subject or one is really stubborn and you have to lay down the law. We send them to school to learn skills needed for a job, each program offering different courses to teach the skills that student needs. I think God does that too. He knows what each of us needs to learn the lesson and skills we need. Each of us is different and He gives us the challenges that makes us grow.

A coach of a professional sports team will give each player different drills to work on, to improve their skills for their position on the team. No two players are the same, and they are all needed in their own position. A football team wouldn’t work if everyone was a defensive linebacker and no one was a quarterback. A hockey team couldn’t work if everyone was a goalie and no one played center. Every player has an area they shine in. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to find the right spot. A player may have their heart set on being a quarterback and they can be a good one with a lot of work and pain and dedication. That same player may have been an incredible NFL player if he had listened to his coach and played defense.  I think our Heavenly Father is like that with us too. We are given the exercises to develop our skills for our position in the universe. Someone who has never been on a sports team may not understand why the players bodies are pushed to the limit, why they are mentally spent with the effort they put in. I think life is kind of like that. We don’t always understand why our bodies and minds must go through the exercises and pain they do, but it is to make us the best player we can be.

If I believe in the scriptures then I must believe God created the universe, He created me and He can do anything, that anything is possible with Him. He will always give you those things that are best for you…not always those things we want or understand. If I believe in the scriptures than I must believe that anything is truly possible, even for me…because the scriptures say it over and over.

Just like a coach of a team can not truly control what his players do, neither can God. He could, but then we would be doing it because He was doing it…we wouldn’t learn anything, we wouldn’t develop any skills in the game. He would have won it, not us. Players on a team have the choice to follow the coach’s instructions. If they do everything the coach tells them they will develop skills, become a better team and better individual players and learn to win the game through their own judgement and ability. They become athletes. I think life is like that. God could make everything go perfect, but we wouldn’t learn anything, we wouldn’t develop the skills to be God like ourselves we would be stuck as mediocre players in life and never win the gold at the Olympics before our closing ceremony.

It’s not about what God can do in our lives, it’s about what we believe we can do with His help. It’s about following the coaches instructions, doing the exercises, the painful hours of dedication and effort and developing the skills ourselves to know with confidence we can do anything. Heavenly Father gave us the ability to win if we just follow His play book and believe we can.



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