Choose Your Own Adventure….

When I was a kid I loved reading, I still do, but I particularly loved Choose your own adventure books. It was exciting to be a part of the story, to choose the fate of the characters. Each choice I made decided the page I would go to and how the story would play out. Then I would be given another set of choices, based on the ones I had made before…It took me a long time to realize just how much life is like that. We are given hundreds of choices everyday…from what time we get up to whether we eat breakfast at home or skip it and be feeling tired by lunchtime. Some are big story changers…like do I become a nurse or take up belly dancing. Each choice we make gives us different choices in the future.

Sometimes I would read a Choose Your Own Adventure book and after deciding a character opened one door instead of the other, I would go back and choose a different adventure. Life isn’t like that. Sure you can choose one of the options later in life from a different point but you can’t flip the pages back and re-choose.

I’m a little slow, it took me a long time to realize you don’t get time back…you can always go ahead with new choices but you can’t go back and change the ones you have already made. Hopefully you learn from them, you make wiser ones the next time. Every choice you make is a once in a life time moment.

Sometimes life can seem overwhelming because there are so many choices to make, so many things to worry about. I think that is why people say live in the moment, take life one moment at a time. If all you have to worry about is making the right decision for this moment, doing the right thing at this moment then you can worry about the next moment when it comes. When we make the right choice for this moment we give ourselves better choices in the next. To get over bad habits, or addictions I think it is important to just worry about this moment.

If I make the decision to study for my exam in this moment, then I will find it easier to study in the next, when the exam comes I don’t have to worry about failing because I put a bunch of study moments together. I can then spend my next moment choosing what graduate program I want to go into or what organization I want to work for, because I no longer have to worry about that class…Or if a teenager makes the choice this moment to not pick up a cigarette, then they don’t have to spend the next 10 years thinking about cigarettes, using other moments to try and quit cigarettes, ever waste another moment on the subject again…it opens up the potential for you to accomplish more in your next moment when your last one was a positive one. Even if something negative happens in life, there is something positive to focus on or be grateful for…and if one moment is filled with gratitude, you are going in to the next moment already grateful…Every day is an adventure…

The great thing is every moment is another opportunity, so even if I royally screwed up the last choice the very next moment I have the opportunity to choose a different adventure.


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