Please Love Yourself….


There are many teenagers and young adults who are on a self destructive path. Who are abusing their bodies by eating disorders or self injury. Others who are in a depression or suicidal. I know many youth struggling to find their way and lost in a mental illness. I know many parents struggling with them.

I wouldn’t go back to the insecurity and confusion of my youth for anything in the world. Add a few traumatic events your brain can’t process, peer pressure, media, family stresses, and I can understand how things can seem lonely and overwhelming. You feel pressure to be your own person but judged by the world for the person you are. Society can be cruel and life can seem unfair.

I know it sounds cliche but….to anyone out there feeling that way….it can get better. There is nothing that you and your loved ones can’t work through. Often it seems teens are so worried about disappointing by telling a parent how they really feel.

It took me a really long time for me to understand that my parents only ever wanted the best for me…it took me until I had a daughter of my own. To know that the biggest wish and hope and prayer for my daughter is that she find happiness and know she is loved. My greatest joy is in seeing a moment of genuine happiness and knowing she is safe.

Everybody in life has struggles, issues and mistakes that is how we grow and learn. The great thing about life is we have families. Families who have one true desire of their heart…happiness and safety. A problem is so much less intimidating when we are not facing it alone. Families are God’s blessing that we don’t ever have to face our problems alone…if we share them with our families.  One mother shared her feelings with watching her child’s struggle in this song.

Dearest child:

You say I don’t understand,

But I understand too well.

The dangers that surround you,

Within the hole you fell,

You say I don’t care,

But I’ll love you forever with no end,

I spend days and nights praying,

that God has answers He will send,

I know you want to be grown up,

And you think that means I’m wrong,

You want to fight your own way,

And write your own swan song,

I understand you’re in pain,

And life isn’t perfect in your mind,

But there are many here who love you,

Though you’ve got us all confined.

I want you to be happy,

To love yourself for you,

Accept the good and bad,

And be kind in all you do.

Please always be forgiving,

of yourself and others too,

And please understand,

Life is perfect when shared with you.

There is no problem too big,

No mistake that can’t be faced,

Your happiness is possible,

If our efforts are jointly placed,

You may convince yourself

At this moment you are alone,

But my love and prayer for you,

have never left- but only grown.

With all my many faults,

I tried my best as younger me,

Until I learned from my mistakes,

That’s how I’m wiser than I used to be,

You see what matters is loved ones,

That’s what life is really for,

As we share life together,

We learn to love some more.

Please love yourself,

Please be forgiving too,

Be kind and accepting,

My prayer is joy for you.

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