You Never Know What Is Ahead


Life is amazing…People are amazing. When you first meet someone you never know how they will impact your life, or what role they will play in your destiny. Whether good or bad, you never really know the incredible influence someone can be.

The first time someone say s hi to you, you never know that years down the road you will mean the world to each other, or change the world for each other. The first day of kindergarten when you see a face across the circle…you have no idea the memories you will have together. Whether they are memories of great kindness and friendship, fun times and shared tears. Or is it memories of tears caused and lessons learned. The first time you walk into a French Immersion Social Studies class or your first college class you have no idea the incredible worlds that teacher will open up for you or the respect you will have for them years later.

They say first impressions are everything but there is no way that first impressions mean anything in the world because they really tell you nothing. Nothing about the potential this person has to enrich, or endanger your life. People often dislike someone until they get to know someone and years later have a love and compassion for them. Not because of first impressions but because of lasting impressions, because of taking the time to understand them. Or how moments of pain will shape you and change what is ahead, and what is in your head. How they will help you appreciate and cherish the joy that is ahead.

Everyone has a story, a lasting impression and those stories are made up and developed by the people they meet. Their lives are not shaped by their first impression of anyone but by the lasting impressions people make.

I had no idea standing chatting at the bus stop on the way to work or walking across the parking lot to discuss our children would lead to a 15 year friendship with someone I now consider my sista. The more I know her the more I love her as family.

Saying hello in the hall at school or church, you never know years later the friendship that will blossom, the bonds that will be made, the adventures and memories that are ahead.

When I begin working with a client, I have no idea the wisdom they will share, the impression they will leave on my heart and in my mind. Each one teaches me about life, about myself, about compassion. No matter what a client has been through it is their memories and experiences that shape them. I love the miracle of who they are from all they have lived. Life was their adventure. Each time I learn more, I never know what is ahead. Each memory a part of the journey, of them.

I love each day. It is the opportunity to meet incredible people, to learn amazing lessons. You never know today the joy that awaits, the love and gratitude you will feel in the future. It doesn’t matter how bad a day goes, you never know the compassion, the adventure that is in the next moment, next day, next week, next year.

When I went through pain in my life, I never knew the awesome life that was to come. It isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it because there are blessings and happiness and possibilities that could happen any moment, from sources and people and experiences in life you don’t even imagine. Life truly is awesome. You never know what moments will be the lasting impression. Making cookies or singing songs, heartfelt talks and holding hands. Each moment is an adventure and you never know what is ahead. Miracles happen if you look, listen, feel them and help make them happen.

you never know

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