Grateful For Joy



When I was a teenager I was given a blessing that said I would find joy and happiness in this life. I have read that blessing and clinged on to that promise for more than 20 years. Much of that time I didn’t really have faith that it was possible. It seemed an unobtainable dream. I had momentary happiness at times but there was an emptiness, a yearning that fleeting happy experiences didn’t fill.

I didn’t think I could find joy. I was wrong. I have joy in my life, I have been given that blessing. In this day I have unexplainable happiness. I smile for no reason except that my life is filled with joy, with peace. In this day I have joy that my loved ones are all safe and content and having a good day. I have joy in being able to share time with my loved ones. I have joy from sitting doing facials, listening to music with my beautiful daughter. Just being beside her brings me joy. Just having talked to her on the phone and knowing she is having a good day brings my heart joy. Knowing my parents are happy and feeling well brings me joy. My friendships and relationships in life bring me  joy. Knowing they are having a good day. I find joy in being able to bring comfort, laughter and happiness to a clients day.

True joy comes from seeing the joy and being able to share happiness with others. If you need joy in your life, find a way to bring joy or compassion to someone else. The more joy you bring to others the more feelings of joy fill your life. You will find yourself lying in bed or standing in your kitchen smiling, because of an unexplainable happiness.


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