It’s So Much More….There’s Nothing Like It


I was having a conversation today about one of my jobs being a PSW. I told them I was half way through nursing school when I got a job at a hospital and realized I much preferred the one on one care I give as a PSW to the very short amount of time any of the nurses spent with patients. Homecare is much the same. A nurse stops in for medication changes, health issues and wound or pain management but it is Personal Support Workers who are there to assist with life. We get the patient or client ready for the day and get them through the day.

In this conversation I said I am a PSW because I love what I do. Someone jokingly said “You want to change diapers and wipe butts the rest of your life”. I guess a lot of people see PSWs that way. I see many Personal Support Workers almost ashamed of what they do, like it is not a respected career. I have often heard “I’m only a PSW”

I want to tell you that being a Personal Support Worker is the most rewarding and fulfilling career a person could ever ask for. Sometimes we are the only person that a client sees in a day. We have the ability to bring kindness, smiles, conversation, dignity, respect, comfort and compassion to another human being… could there be anything more rewarding in life.

If I was in a position that I needed an incontenence product, or someone to wipe my butt I would hope the person was kind, respectful and made a moment of need turn into one of comfort and relief that a caring person was there. I am able to spend my day being there in many moments of need and come home from my day knowing I brought comfort and smiles to a day filled with worry, discomfort, confusion and need.

images (3)Love-and-compassion-are-necessities

Personal Support Workers don’t do this job for the money, most are struggling to make ends meet, I am a Personal Support Worker because a Personal Support Worker is not less than….to some people we are everything.

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