Today I am Grateful For Talents Of Others…


Today I am grateful for other peoples talents. They enrich my life, they bring beauty to my world. I love looking at the art work, listening to the music, seeing the expression of someones talents.

I am thankful for the writers who sit at a keyboard and take our minds on a journey with their talented way with words. We explore worlds of imagination, escape the world around us, are opened up to worlds of knowledge and new perspectives through writers. I am grateful for them.

I am grateful for every photograph taken and shared. They give me moments of joy or insight and transport me to places of beauty from the comfort of my home.

Thank you to the artists who turn a blank canvas or sketch book into a majestic gift of their talent. I am grateful for musicians who sits down with an instrument or pen and paper and pours out their inner soul to a melody they share with the world…with me.

I have friends who are talented writers, photographers, musicians, singers, artists and performers. I am grateful to each of them for making my world a more beautiful place by sharing your talents. Whether it is the first photograph you took or first time holding a paint brush or you are on the best sellers list or putting out your next cd…Thank you for adding your gift to the world, just finding your talent makes the world a more beautiful place.


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