Mirror… See A Butterfly


When I was in my early teens I babysat alot. I loved the children I got to spend time with, I’d make a “fun” bag for each family. I loved getting to know each child’s likes, interests and personalities.

I had the pleasure of babysitting Meaghan Smith and her three incredible sisters. I also was honoured to serve with Meaghan for several years in Halifax. She has been a blessing, inspiration, friend, example and kind spirit in my life for almost 30 years. It is an amazing and wonderful experience to see a shy child discovering who they are grow into an overwhelmingly talented, kind, beautiful, wise, compassionate person. I feel honoured and privledged to have seen many small parts of the journey Meaghan Smith, the beautiful butterfly, took to become the sensational refreshingly sweet and kind artist and musical talent she is today.

I love this song by Meaghan and her very talented husband Jason Mingo. It is beautifully written with a beautiful message. So humbled to count these individuals and the many more incredible mothers, teachers, fathers, counsellors, performers and talented people I got to know at the beginning of their journey to becoming butterflies among my friends. I saw your awesomeness then and am in awe of and grateful for your awesomeness now.

Here is Meaghan Smith and her new song “Mirror”.

Meaghan Smith Mirror on Marilyn Denis

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