The Epiphanies of My Forties….


I am loving my forties. The reason I bring it up is with every birthday I ask myself “What did this year show me?”…Did I learn anything and what am I doing with that lesson. So I thought I would share the things I took away from this year and how I’ve changed.


I have learned that every moment is an opportunity to make a life better. Kindness is always the right answer….It doesn’t matter how devestating or horrible an experience is, an act of kindness, a hand of comfort, a listening ear can always make it better.

It doesn’t matter if your kindness is reciprocated….kindness is always the right answer.







modgepodged lights 002I learned that life can be chaotic and full of peace and joy if you focus on your blessings. I learned I am and always have been blessed with amazing family and friends and that it is possible to be a blessing in someone elses life just by choosing to be kind. I learned miracles can come true, prayers do get answered, though not always in the way you envisioned. Music really does heal the soul and inspire the mind. I learned that thoughts and vision boards and dreams really can come true and I learned that:




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One Response to The Epiphanies of My Forties….

  1. Beautiful thoughts, and a lovely way to mark one’s birthday – I think I might adopt this practice!

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