Politician, Hospitals and Health Care Leaders Put The Passion Back In Compassion


Dear Ontario Politicians:

Please put the passion back into compassion. Make Health a priority….not being a leader in technology and not cutting budgets in all the places that show CARE to the patient. Don’t spend more money on committees and administration staff to tell us where to make cuts. Don’t spend it on a machine that tells us two seconds quicker than the old machine just because it’s new.

Please spend the money on CARE. Make sure there are enough staff on each floor who are properly trained to CARE. Don’t cut floor budgets to such a minimum that patients have to lay in wet incontinence products because it “isn’t wet enough” to waste changing it yet. Don’t worry about how fast you get a patient out the door as much as you worry about how much you help them and CARE while they are there. Don’t send them out the door worse off and more stressed out then they were when they entered. Don’t let your staff feel that way either.

Don’t take away services that leave those suffering mental and physical challenges feeling alone, overwhelmed with red tape and left with most of the burden of caring for their loved one without help. Create a caring health care and mental health community where they have opportunities and wellness not challenges and complications.

The first time a patient passed away when I was working I was in the lunch room in tears and the nurse on duty asked what was wrong. I told her I was sad I wasn’t in the room when the patient passed away. I should have been there He shouldn’t have been alone. The nurse looked at me and laughed and said “We don’t have time for sitting with patients so they aren’t alone”. Dear Politicians please let care providers actually care. Patients would be doing better, feeling better, living better if they felt cared for and supported instead of alone and frustrated.

On holidays when administration and “non-essential” for care staff are not at work….the staff parking lot is practically empty. Shouldn’t more percentage of staff be to provide care.

Please take the money and put it into providing real CARE. Many patients end up back in the hospital over and over. If they were actuallycared for and helped the first time they are there instead of someone rushed out the door with the most “budget conscious but technologically advanced” health care possible. If they were truly cared for many of them wouldn’t be back

Please politicians of Ontario and Health care leaders start focusing on providing quality of life and quality of care by letting your staff focus on care not your budget and time line goals. It will save the health care system in Ontario and it will save lives.


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