My Best Isn’t Good Enough….



I have come to accept that I am not perfect. I have a million faults. I can honestly say I try my best but unfortunately it isn’t good enough. That’s when I have to do what’s required. Live up to my faults, try to learn from them and try to make my best better today than it was yesterday and better tomorrow than my best today. I am never going to be perfect. Nobody is. The goal is to find a way to love myself even with my flaws. That’s not always as easy as people make it sound.

Facing your weaknesses requires soul searching, sometimes uncomfortable situations and conversations. I have often needed to offer a sincere apology for how my weaknesses have affected people around me. I try to make it up to those I let down.

I have some apologies to make at the moment (probably to every person I know) for the millions of way I fall short. As I have dealt with my insecurity and inadequacy recently I have found some good advice that I thought I’d share.



Sometimes when facing our weaknesses and how they affect our loved ones we need to have the courage to listen. There have been moments in life when I have spoken before thinking and hurt someones feelings and felt bad about it afterwards. There have been other times I haven’t even realized that I have said or done something wrong. It can take courage to stand up and apologize for what you know you’ve done wrong and it takes courage to sit and listen to the emotions you’ve caused without even realizing it.

good enoughIt can be easy to get down on yourself when you make a mistake or have failed in someway. There are two things you can do with that experience. You can stay in the same place with the same weaknesses or find a way to grow from the experience. Accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can.




Everyone has weaknesses and makes mistakes. The only way to work on them is to know what they are. It is important not to focus on flaws and weaknesses but to find ways to turn them into strengths. If I make a mistake I can focus on making amends and learning courage by overcoming my anxiety and apologizing. I can know myself, my Heavenly Father and loved ones better as I identify and overcome my weaknesses. That requires time reflecting on who you are. Journal writing, going for a jog, painting or hiking, playing music or finding time in nature can help find the answers you are looking for.



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