True Romance From An Average Joe…



When I was away this week I asked my very sweet boyfriend to feed my cat. He kindly said yes and I was grateful that he would do so as my place is across town, he has three kids and a fulltime night job and doesn’t always have a car available….he still agreed to do it. I thought….I am blessed he cares about me. When I got home my cat was well fed and still alive 🙂 But there was also a card welcoming me home, also letting me know there was two meals in the fridge, ice cream in the freezer and two bath balms on the counter (one for my daughter and one for me) so we could destress and relax after a week of roughing it at girls camp. I looked at my daughter and said “Who does that? Like who is that thoughtful, kind, and generous that they would do such a nice thing for us?”…she answered “He is.”…

And it’s true. He is always going out of his way for others, putting the happiness and comfort of everyone around him before his own. He is patient and giving and thoughtful. There are not many like him in the world.

Romance and love isn’t about the grand gestures or big moments. It is about knowing he will always be kind to your child. It is coming home when you are tired after a week of camping and finding a bath balm and Fudge Caramel Brownie Ice Cream waiting for you. It is knowing he supports you going away for a week and knowing he is happy you can. It is wanting to tell him the best moments of your life and knowing you can share the worst…and never be judged, never worrying you or your life will be disrespected or hurt by them. It is knowing they truly want what is best for you and knowing you want what is best for them. It’s never feeling afraid for my physical, spiritual or mental safety. It is feeling safe and wanting to keep them safe.

I am thankful to Animal, my Not So Average Joe for teaching me what real romance and a true man really are.

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1 Response to True Romance From An Average Joe…

  1. A real tear-jerker Connie!!! Thanks for reminding me that all the small things Marcus does for me really mean something!!

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