Making A Life…Serving Happiness


Why don’t we spend more time teaching people to be human beings, to care about each other and be kind to one another? We have high suicide rates, depression, violence, family break downs and communities struggling yet we worry more about teaching the greed of the all mighty dollar, that power is more important than compassion and accept cruel behaviour because we let it happen.

Why don’t we have a year of serving others as part of our life education system to help those in need and build character, compassion and understanding in our nation.

I watch the show “The Secret Millionaire”. I love that show, it often makes me tear up when lives are changed and the sincere gratitude of the recipient of kindness. I also often wonder though, why so many millionaires are so clueless to the suffering, struggling and tragedy surrounding them. What is it about society that we don’t teach compassion and understanding as manditory courses.

Why don’t we find ways for people recieving government assistance to create a co op of knowledge, service and skills to create opportunities and blessings in the lives of those around them.

Suicide is not one of the main causes of death because we are raising happy, successful individuals and creating a nation to be proud of. Mental Illness and Stress related physical illnesses are killing hundreds of thousands a year because individuals are searching for happiness, peace and contentment…yet we spend so little time teaching our youth how to find it in life.

If we spent more time focussing on being a happy nation we would be a more prosperous, peaceful and successful one. Health care, Mental health, social services and many more issues would be resolved if we live life more compassionately and less self absorbed. Instead of an attitude of “What do I get” to live an attitude of “What can I give”.

Carpenters know how to build a house….individuals live in cardboard boxes and under bridges (which now have “Anti Homeless spikes so they can’t sleep there). We throw away tuns of food each and every day and yet people in our city go to bed hungry every night. We have people begging for help emotionally and yet are sent home or treated poorly because they are overwhelmed…with life in a world that judges a person instead of loves them. Why don’t we teach that? Why isn’t our whole focus as a species to love and support each other to make it through this life with each person succeeding and everyone lovingly cheering them along.


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1 Response to Making A Life…Serving Happiness

  1. George damo says:

    Love your neigbour as you love yourself

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