Mind Your Business…You Don’t Know Theirs…

download (16)I was reading an article today where a member of my church was quoted as saying “I was told by my parents it was bad and it was OK to judge people harshly who did.”…. This statement bothered me…obviously enough for me to write a blog post about it….

I’m sorry but who is anyone to judge someone else for anything they do in their life that doesn’t hurt another person…in fact it is not anyone’s place to judge another person. That is up to a Heavenly Father who sent them here to live the life they were given…It is not for the person living next door or sitting in the next pew. If a person is truly a Christian they might remember that Jesus spent His ministry serving those who were considered sinners and loving them and as a Christian we believe HE was the only perfect person to ever walk the earth…so He may have had the right to judge them, instead He begged for their souls and loved and healed them.

I hear people putting down others and judging their actions all the time. I don’t understand why anyone would feel the need or right to judge another person…they are living their life, if you are busy judging them and putting them down…perhaps you need to be spending more time examining your own life. I know I certainly have enough to worry about with my own actions and spending my day trying make life better for me and those around me…Life is hard enough and busy enough without worrying about pulling someone else down or judging them, everyone is fighting their own battle, with a strength I know nothing about so why not try to help them on the journey and enrich both our lives instead of adding negativity to both lives.


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