Positive People Change The World, Negative People Do Too..


There were two individuals leading very different lives. One was a small town celebrity with a nice home, good paycheck, many aquaintances that gave autographs. To look at their life on the outside, you would think they had everything they needed to be happy. A family, A home, A career, even the white picket fence and expensive dog in the yard. Unfortunately they spent their lives trying to point out how much better they were than everyone else…they spent so much time spreading negativity they never really found happiness.

The other individual worked hard every day caring for others, the rest of their time was spent with their three children or foster pets from the rescue. They took their parents for groceries and dropped dinner of to sick friends. They lived paycheck to paycheck but never had an attitude of wanting for anything. They seldom thought of themselves and he often needs to be reminded how talented and incredible they are. Never has a friend or child heard them speak a negative word about their ex or another person. Kindness fills their day and they actively spread happiness.congruency-in-your-circle_tyrone-smith_positive_love_work_dream_aspiration_friends_celebrity_music-producer

Lives are changed by the attitudes around them. Honesty is important, cruelty is not needed. There are people in the world that I just feel so sorry for because they live to bring others down, no situation is looked at with kindness or a positive attitude. They thrive on trying to pull others down, ruin happiness for no reason other than that they are so sad and miserable themselves.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to bring sadness or insecurity to another person, especially someone they care about…when it is possible to help them smile, help them succeed, help them shine and love themselves…just by seeing the good, just by seeing the world with love rather than bitterness or a need for control. My life has been changed both by negative and positive environments and people. It took a long time to realize how important it is to surround yourself with positive influences, with positive actions and to live a positive day. I am grateful to the positive people in my life, who changed my life from one wandering in search of happiness and purpose to one that has joy beyond measure and a peace and fulfillment I never dreamed was possible for me. Thanks to their compassion I found my worth and live each day with gratitude. It changes you and your world.

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