How Could Your God Let This Happen?

“How could your God let this happen?” It was a question I had heard before when tragedy, illness or devastation occurred. I don’t try to push my faith on anyone. I respect everyone’s right to have their own beliefs and understanding of their world. I truly am grateful for my faith and my relationship with my Father in Heaven. I am grateful for the right to make the choice to believe and practise my beliefs in the way that is best for my life and value the free will others have to live their beliefs. When asked a question about what I believe and feel, I am always happy to share. I would like to answer this question recently asked after several members of one family was violently murdered in their home.

Please understand these are just my opinions and personal feelings about the subject and so are not stated as anything other than the views of a crazy lady on “How could my God let this happen”…

Our life on earth is based on Free Will.

Just as we must let our children do their own math homework and choose their own friends, Heavenly Father has sent us to earth to learn and grow. This would not be possible if He took complete control and stopped anything bad from happening in our lives, or intervened when making a wrong choice. When we are betrayed by a loved one, like in the break down of a marriage or by a parent…it is not God who let us down, it is the human being. Why did God let it happen? Life is based on free will. Even if God is telling a person by their inner conscious “don’t do that”…it is up to the person whether they choose to listen or to follow their own desire and do it anyway.

When the floods came and Noah and his family were on the Ark…they saw the miracle of the rainbow…only because Noah listened when God said “Build an Ark”…those who drown in the flood were warned the tragedy was coming, they were given the option to get on the ark. They decided not to.

Sometimes people make horrible, terrifying, violent choices that take lives, tear apart families and communities and nations. The blessing is there are those in life who have compassion and can help survivors see the rainbow at the end of the flood.

I know many of the trials I have had in my life have either been because of my own horrible choices or the negative decisions of other human beings…we made the mistakes, God was loving enough to be there to pick up the pieces and put me back on the right track each and every time I make a bad choice. He is patient year after year as I continue to stumble on my journey through life and everytime I turn to Him, He is right there waiting to help…if I let Him, and those who listen to His promptings to reach out and do His work. I believe the question I would ask is “How could I let this happen?” not How could my God…

It is humans that build bombs, it is humans that fire guns, it is humans that let down those in need of help, it is humans that have created the environment where you can put pictures of violence and sex on every street, television or movie screen but don’t you dare put up a Christmas tree, sing a song about God or put a statue mentioning him on government or public property. We teach our society it is better to be morally corrupt than spiritual or mention Christian beliefs.  We make the choice whether to be an answer to someones prayers or to be the cause of their pain. We make the choice to be the blessing or miracle they need.

What about illnesses, natural disasters, etc?

This may be an extremely unpopular view but…most things in our environment, diet or lives that cause many of the illnesses we have are things that are man made. Human beings made choices that ruined our environment, created wars, cause cancers…and yet we blame God or say He can’t exist because all of these horrible illnesses exist

When we leave this earth, I believe our loving Heavenly Father and our family and friends who have gone before are waiting to celebrate our homecoming. It is not a sad time for them, but the glorious return of a child from their mission on earth. We often do not understand or like the timing or way that child was called home. I believe we can always be assured God will find a way to make this work for the eternal good of His beloved children no matter what they have been through on the way back to Him.


God light


One of the things that make life precious is that it can be taken in a second. It changes forever in just a moment and it always goes to quickly. The earth is over populated now…could you imagine if there was never a natural disaster or illness or tragedy? Also think of the people we would be if there were none of the faith testing, compassion provoking, life changing experiences we all must live through. Life is a lesson in love and gratitude….those things are usually found through and after times of trials. Our deepest, strongest relationships and biggest epiphanies in life usually come through the most difficult times in life. There are sad times in life that we may truly appreciate the joyous ones. We reach our potential by being pushed beyond our limits and finding inner strengths and talents and qualities we never knew existed.






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