To The Teachers In My Life….


I have had some incredible teachers in my life. At every stage of my education. There are always one or two that remain special and seem to have taught you much more than the subject they were focusing on. They would teach life lessons that you carry with you through out your life.

In grade school I had several, Ms. Steadman, Mr. Cole and Mr. Jantzi to name a few. High school there were a few as well. Mr. Jenkinson and Ms. Sally Ortbach will always be close to my heart. There was also a teacher in my school that wasn’t even my teacher but he took time to mentor me, encourage me, help me through exam anxiety and just life as a teen. Mr. Puddicombe. I had great music teachers Mr. Williams at school and Kathy Kerr at the Conservatory. In college I had several really good professors. Cindy Tavener and Jen Law set me on a path that has been able to change my life and the lives of many patients and clients throughout Ontario.

All of these teachers probably have no idea the impact they had on my life. I certainly didn’t show it at the time but I think of the lessons I learned from them and while I seldom speak french or use algebra and I can take a blood pressure without a second thought I use the lessons of life, kindness, inspiration and creativity that each of them taught me in everything I do.

I am sure it must be hard some days as a teacher to know if you make a difference. You do. Please keep dedicating yourself to inspiring young minds…they will be inspired for life. The extra hours you put in making props for your lesson or creating lesson plans to reach a struggling student….they mean something, they make a difference, they change lives. Thank you. While your student may not say it today, they will later in their life and will feel your influence because you took time to teach them that someone cares.

teacher quotes

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