Warning…The News Can Lead To Poor Mental Health…


Watching the news can be depressing. It starts out with local violence of youth killing youth over sneakers or an iphone or hurt feelings…then it covers human killing human around the world. When you look at what’s going on it the world. It is depressing.

Why wouldn’t our youth think violence and gang wars and slander of character are the way to deal with conflict….that’s what the leaders of nations around the world do. We turn on the news and see nations fighting nations, civil wars where there is internal fighting.

Even our peaceful leaders go on television and spend their entire time fighting and bickering with each other, pointing out the faults and creating conflict where they were elected to create solutions.

People have been at war for decades in the name of religion. We train peace keeping troops to keep the peace with going to war. I know it’s needed and I am grateful for every person that volunteers to give their life and future to the freedom and safety of their country. It’s too bad we don’t train more people to spread peace in the world….instead of putting soldiers there to keep the peace, send armies of kindness… Have choirs singing peace songs on every corner…bake cakes, send flowers, hold a love in on the mean dictators lawn until there are so many people there standing up for peace, he can’t fight them all. I know that sounds simplistic and stupid but if enough leaders. individuals and communities stood up for peace, if enough kindness armies were created it could make a world of difference even in the face of war mongers and dictators.

I don’t understand someone using their position of power to hurt others, I don’t understand hatred, declaring war because someone is different then you. I don’t understand people that can shoot down a plane full of people. I don’t understand someone deciding to take another precious life. It is in these horrific stories that we have to search for the true story…the acts of kindness, the compassion, the heroes in the lives of individuals in need.

I can’t bring world peace (I’m no Miss America after all) but it sure would be nice if there were more people who stood up for it, or at least tried to make their little corner of the world more peaceful by living a life of kindness. I wish countries had basic training for humans to learn compassion. What a different world it would be, with happier more peaceful individuals everywhere if we actually loved our neighbour near and far. This life is tough enough to get through without fighting one another. John and Yoko were right….we really should Give Peace a Chance.

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