Captain O Captain…Robin Williams I will miss you.



Today the tears are not ones of laughter but tears of loss and sadness. For almost 40 years you have entertained, inspired, shared your immense talent with the world. I have tears today for the pain that you felt in your life. For the mistaken thoughts that this world would be better without you. I cry for your wife who built a life, family and home with you…who now questions every choice she made, everything she did…wondering if she could have saved you, grieving for the man she loved. I cry for your children who have lost their dad and will spend the rest of their lives wondering if they did something wrong, wishing they had said more, replaying the last time they spoke with you, hugged you, laughed with you…cried with you…their lives forever changed, a dark hole in their heart and cloud over their life, a life that no longer includes you here. I cry that you were in a world of people that loved you and yet felt helpless and alone when it is possible to find happiness. I cry for the years you suffered because society and the Healthcare world still stigmatize mental health issues and downplay the importance of support and prevelance of concerns.

For 30 years Robin Williams has been a part of my world. I loved his comedy and his acting talent. I loved his commitment to getting a laugh and his energy. Even at his funniest there was a sadness to his eyes, a yearning to love himself that was ever present. Many comedians seek out the profession because their souls are searching for acceptance, love and trying to understand the world. I wish the world spent more time trying to understand them.

We have a mental health epidemic and it is killing loved ones and destroying lives. We need to change the way we deal with mental health concerns and make it a priority. Life can not be appreciated and potential can not be reached without healing the mind and supporting the individual. Canada loses approximately 4000 loved ones a year to suicide (10 per day) and thousands more live in pain because we won’t stop as a society and realize Mental Health should be our first priority in caring for anyone. We need to stop talking about how we are going to change the world and start showing the love to change it.

Robin Williams Thank you for making me laugh, making me think, and making me a better comedian and person just by sharing your talent. You made life funnier, brighter, better. I’m sorry that we let you down by not making mental health the priority it should be.

I will miss you. They have a new headliner in Heaven.




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2 Responses to Captain O Captain…Robin Williams I will miss you.

  1. LaWannish says:

    This was so well written… I agree we need to start taking care of our mental health… so many people suffer in silence… 😦

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