What I Can Do…


I can’t walk a mile in your shoes,

Or travel down your road,

And when you get the blues,

I only know what I’m told,

I can’t know what you really thought,

Or how you feel deep inside,

But when a friend is sought,

In whom you can confide,

I will do the best I can,

To support and love you,

And if you need a success plan,

I’ll do what you need me to,

I may not understand each tear,

Or know that they’ve been shed,

You may not confess every fear,

That floats around your head,

But if you need a helping hand,

Or search for a loving smile,

I’ll be there to help you stand,

And hold you for a while.

I don’t need to know a single thing,

You’ve done right or wrong,

To help you learn to sing,

A more joyful life theme song.

Our-task-must-be-to-free compassion-alwaysand-other-kind-reminders-L-9fSy68 Buddha-quotes-compassion President_Monson_Quote_by_LDS

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